Creekside Arts is located around a second growth redwood forest on the banks of Freshwater Creek.

Samoa Bridge

North Jetty

Yellow Lupine

Arcata Bay

Freshwater Creek watershed was almost entirely clearcut in the 1950s. It is now a lush second growth redwood forest. Redwood logging in California has a complex history rooted in the 19th century, marked by extensive harvesting and its subsequent impact on the region's ecology. Creekside Artis is located next to an active logging operation that appears to practice sustainable forestry. The unpaved logging roads are an important resource for residents at the neighborhood/wilderness interface.


Redwood lumber

Redwood lumber

Category :
Date : 2023
Cast ceramic of 100+ year old lumber from Humboldt County | Series of 4
Redwood bark

Redwood bark

Category :
Date : 2023
Cast ceramic of living redwood tree bark from Humboldt County | Series of 4


Multimedia installation in a neighborhood apiary supply shed (hi Ella & Maizy). The shed softly hummed into the night.

Principle watersheds of the Humboldt Bay (original map)

DETAIL of: Creekside map collab w Ella Sams. (typewriter+pen/ink)

2022 cohort ????

2023 cohort ????

2023 cohort ???? at The Sanctuary ???? in Arcata ????

Ceramic cast of redwood tree bark. Thick, velvety bark is one of the most important biological adaptations of Redwood trees. Exceptional fireproofing contributes to the long lifespan of  many California tree species.

Ceramic cast of redwood tree bark.

with Ella at the Fresh Freeze