Grace Cathedral Arts Camp

2019 Resident Artist & Instructor

Sacred geometries, graphite rubbings, stickers.

Over the course of a week in July 2019, students enrolled in Grace Arts Camp collaborated with master art instructors to create this large-scale work based on the geometry and textures of the Cathedral. With a curriculum rooted in fundamental color theory, the project combined textile art and screen printing to expose students to the enjoyment of implementing process-driven artforms to generate beauty.

The cathedral took fifty years to build and is the third largest Episcopal cathedral in the nation. It’s awesome (inspires awe).

Link to Final Installation archive>

Grace Cathedral>

San Francisco Little Opera

Master Class Instructor 2011 – Present

San Francisco’s only all kids opera company.

Little Opera features a comprehensive nine-month program that leads each class of students through the creation and performance of an original opera. On many Thursdays throughout the year, students take specialized Master Classes taught by professional Bay Area artists to deepen their learning. In addition to occasionally teaching visual design, on occasional Building Days I occasionally help the kids fabricate sets for their annual performance .

Little Opera Website >

Listen To “Attack of the Licorice Lemurs”

Screenprint Workshops


Spreading the good word of screenprinting.

I have taught DIY screenprinting in a variety of Bay Area art centers (CELLLspace, Rock Paper Scissors). After a quick intro to the materials, participants get to work screen printing their designs in quantity. Perfect for creative types with any level of printing experience.

Past workshops have included:

  • Holiday Printing Extravaganza (2 Nights)
  • Getting Started: Screen Print A T-Shirt or Two (3 Nights)
  • Postcard Intensive (4 Nights)

California Maritime Academy

Associate Professor 2006 – Present

Laborare Pugnare Parati Sumus™

Located in Vallejo, California. Started when I was twenty-six (lol). A unique and specialized campus of the 23-campus California State University system. We are one of only seven degree-granting maritime academies in the United States — and the only one on the West Coast. Viva la C.S.U..

  • 2014 Outstanding Teacher Award
  • 2009 Richard W. Fish Memorial Award for Commitment to Excellence in Teaching
  • 2012 Best Presenter Award: American Association for Engineering Education Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration
  • Instrumentation and Controls Lab Coordinator

Creative Geometry

Developed By Adrienne Skye Roberts and Jon Fischer

Insanely Hands-On High School Geometry + Art Course.

This project-based course combines elements of traditional geometry and studio art. Selected geometry topics are investigated through a combination of classroom work, at-home assignments, experiments, and in-depth creative projects.

In exploring the interplay between two and three dimensional geometry and art, the course aims to draw links between analytic and creative thought. For two years, the course was taught at UC Berkeley’s Pre-College Academy and culminated with an exhibition at the Oakland Museum of Children’s Art. This show featured the two capstone projects of this six-week course.

U.C. Berkeley Early Academic Outreach Program
Adrienne Skye Roberts
Oakland Museum of Children’s Arts

Reverse Engineering

Creator & Lead Instructor

Light, Image, and The Science of Seeing.

This insanely hands-on course introduced high school students to science and engineering through a series of exploratory projects. Over the course of six weeks, diverse topics in biology, physics, chemistry were covered with an emphasis on the interplay between technology and creativity. The innovative curriculum included interactive projects, rigorous classwork, inquiry-based product dissections, and regular visits to advanced Engineering Labs on the U.C. Berkeley campus.

With a focus on imaging and visual perception, the course featured investigations into biological, chemical, and mechanical pathways of image processing. Selected activities included cow eyeball dissections, camera dissections, and home-made pinhole photography.

U.C. Berkeley Early Academic Outreach Program

San Francisco Boys Chorus Away Camp

2012 Art Director

“Holding Tweens’ Attention for 144 Continuous Hours”

The San Francisco Boys Chorus (SFBC) is comprised of the Grammy award-winning Concert Chorus (everyone wins one these days), the Graduate Chorale, the Hand Bell Program and the four-level Training Chorus School.

During this one week summer camp in Sonoma County, middle-school aged boys explored a variety of arts media including painting, screenprinting, and DIY stencilling. Completed projects included multiple setpieces and a 6x6ft collaborative mixed media portrait.

San Francisco Boys Chorus Website

Seven Tepees w/ Angie Crabtree


Afterschool screenprinting in the Mission.

A ten-week workshop with students from Seven Tepees after school program in the Mission District. In this class, co-taught with Angie Crabtree at Root Division, neighborhood high school students hand-printed their own designs and created posters and shirts using DIY methods. Following class, students showed and sold their work in “New Growth“, an exhibition at Root Division.

Angie Crabtree
7 Tepees Youth Program
Root Division

Kiddie Screen Printing

“Like A Birthday Clown, But Cheaper.”

I like to take my show on the road, doing hands-on presentations at local Elementary Schools and Youth Programs. Screenprinting is always a big hit, especially when we use teachers as models. On occasion, the Cherry Ghost has been known to show up. (Don’t worry, she’s friendly and loves puns.)