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Ideas At Ocean Beach

I. San Quentin’s

(fall variation)

(spring Variation)

(winter variation)

(summer variation)

II. Three Cones In The Park

It is quite unarguable. The Raleigh II is identical to her beloved predecessor in every tangible way. Yet among the mates there has developed the feeling that she is more a picture of a ship than a ship. For their part, the engineers never trusted her.

In principle, I agreed with the the old Russian and acknowledged his observations in the affirmative manner. Silently, I amused at the lost city laments of a man not yet three months through the Golden Gate. He was a most effortless Forty-Niner.

III. Panda Girl

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a panda girl who was more clever than everyone in her class.  She loved to play with her friends, even when they did everything wrong.  She didn’t even mind showing them things babies can do like climb and crack bamboo.  Being the most clever panda girl was pretty hard.  Most kids are just sort of dumb and don’t even know pandas aren’t real bears.

IV. Three Rocks in the Water

May 15, 2015 20:56:24 PDT

Jan 30, 2001 07:15:02 PST

April 04, 2034 19:34:12 PDT

Nov 21, 1983 03:22:15 PST

V. Philadelphia 1993

Hold on to the thread the currents will shift guide me towards you know something’s left and we’re all allowed to dream of the next time we touch you don’t have to stray the oceans away waves roll in my thoughts hold tight the ring the sea will rise please stand by the shore I will be I will be there once more Oceans Pearl Jam

VI. Ideas At Ocean Beach


Something Manic.

Something Frantic.

Something Semantic.

Something that will catch their eye.

Something that will go over just fine.

Something to make a certain some one think about what they did.


VII. “ ‘Borders?’ the old captain scowled, not an unsure bone in his body. ‘Where I sail there’s just overlapping edges.’ ” VIII. Everything (By Erin Bregman)

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a boy who wanted to be the whole galaxy all by himself but then he realized that he couldn’t be a galaxy all by himself because a galaxy is just a lot of little things all together in a kind of unique and beautiful shape so he texted his two old friends and asked them to be stars and he called his new friends and asked them to be dust and his parents volunteered to be a comet and a planet and his sister said she could be the moon and his teacher liked the idea so much she said she would be his sun and soon the whole town had a part and they went into the field outside of town and they stood in a unique and beautiful shape and he decided to be a black hole and he swallowed the whole town and that was how he became the whole galaxy.