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Imprints from 15 years of screen printing are organized, indexed, and remixed into screen printed paintings.

hand bound book of test prints w/ secret CD-r

A pandemic project.

closing of an old collection to clear the way for a new one.

Visions of a singularity that may be converging everything together–or erupting it apart.

The surfaces of these canvases were created entirely by layering screen prints from ressurected work. This process is made more tangible because most screen prints leave behind a film (“the film positive”), that was required to make it. 

Surprisingly personal paintings made during a period of great personal loss using artifacts from the past.

(Also, a good excuse to clear out some old screens.)   

Detail from Explosion no. 6

Images from a wide variety of projects were collected over the years

Graphite rubbing from Grace Cathedral (San Francisco)
Rubbing of a redwood stump (Santa Cruz County)
where Mom was born: video clip from palms in old Akko (Isr)
1981 family Edition of Joy of Cooking open to its most used page
Security Pattern from a $2.41 royalty check

Black & white film positives are generated to mask light during screen exposure. 

Judo instructions
Palms in Akko, ISR
super magnified photo
35mm Slide
photo: Cal Maritime palms
various security patterns
Fence at Morro Bay
Bear Mountain topo map
Redwood duff

Test prints are organized in swatch books and small studies

Turntable Drawing no 16 Art
Album Art for an LP release by Giacomo Fiore & Danny Clay
“The Place” Artist Book
Artist Book + CDr
2020 Swatch Books
Zine-style bound assemblages of hand printed material on various papers and substrates.
Gradient No. 1
Screen prints on quilted canvas
המקום Zine
Part manifesto, part catalog.
Art World Comment Cards
Oversized comment cards for an art conference.
Seven Scrap Scrolls
Set of unique paper & tissue scrolls.
Big Horizon no. 1
Screen prints on canvas, wood stretcher device w/ custom hardware
West Coast
Screen print, thread, wood, custom linen-backed cedar frame
Irvine 1979
Screen print on pine
Security Scroll
Screen print, thread, wood, custom linen-backed cedar frame
Redwood Scroll
Screen print, thread, wood, custom linen-backed cedar frame

All of the marks on these pieces are made by freestyle screen printing: iteratively layering hundreds of hand-pulled prints through mesh screens directly on to the canvas. What are the aesthetic possibilities of a mechanical process that works like a copying machine?

Explosion No. 2

Explosion No. 2

Category :
Date : 2021
Screen print and charcoal rubbings on dyed canvas