Mediocre numbers for the Republican ticket.

Valencia to Vermont, my installation of 24th Street screenprints on wood, is now hanging in the office of Supervisor David Campos in City Hall. It is an honor to see my work on the same hallowed walls that enclosed the likes of Harvey Milk, Dianne Feinstein and George Moscone, preventing them from falling out of the building and helping them determine where rooms ended.  This is all the more exciting for me because Mr. Campos does admirable work representing the Mission and Bernal Heights on the progressive wing of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors –these cityscapes document our mutual district by intersection.   What a cool opportunity! Thanks to Sheila and David for making this possible.  Thanks to EB for helping with a tricky install and the camera work.


  1. ziggy

    How come i am the first one to congratulate you on scoring this awesome installation?
    Maybe you are already famous and you don’t know it. I like the film documentary of it too. Makes me smile.
    So, how do we get to see the real thing? Do we need to make an appointment with your supe?

    Way to go Jon (and eb)


  2. jon

    You are the first I guess because you are paying attention. Very much appreciated, though. There might be an opening to come see in September. Otherwise you could pose as a railroad baron and probably get an appointment.

    Thanks for everything.

  3. erin

    The only problem with having your stuff up in city hall is that you’ll now be forever hard pressed to show in a prettier building. unless it’s the louve maybe. that might top it.

  4. feather2pixels » A dedicated biker, a two-wheeled urban ninja.
    feather2pixels » A dedicated biker, a two-wheeled urban ninja.09-27-2012

    […] These are photos of my exhibition of Twenty-Fourth Street Cityscapes on Wood in the office of San Francisco (District 9) Supervisor David Campos at City Hall.  Every intersection of Twenty-Fourth Street in the Mission is represented except Shotwell and Osage.  They are in an undisclosed location.  A third rate video of this installation is here. […]

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