Postcards 29-31

two layer screen prints from postcard_28 screen captures
Postcard 28 Journal
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Halloween Whopper Is ‘Worth The Side Effect’

TWO VIDEO¬†projects will screen as part of the museum’s free Friday Night series: 1. Postcard 28: A collaboration with Nowell …

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A Cold War hero.

On Wednesday night, Nowell and I discussed Postcard #28 with a reporter from the Haight Ashbury Beat, which is a …


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The streets are damp, the air is cold, and a handyman is busy snaking unimaginably large clumps of girl hair …

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A short film collaboration with Nowell Valeri, screened at San Francisco IndieFest. A meditative walk through San Francisco over one day & 3 seasons.


He finds young bridge players “weird”

I’m suddenly one those people with not enough time. That in itself wouldn’t be so strange if it weren’t for …

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This January we are introducing enhancements.

With the hope of finishing the San Francisco Postcard Project, Nowell and I decided to lock ourselves in his Cole …