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Seal Rocks Postcard

Fan theories so crazy they just might be true.

Here are my latest postcard creations, commercially printed and dispursed throughout the international feather2pixel diaspora. I permitted myself the extravagance …

Price Tags Comp

A potent lineup he called “The Three Amigos.”

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the November 2014 show at City Art Gallery in San Francisco. In approaching …

Tommy At Cityart

Cities are increasingly getting tough on food distribution programs.

What is it about my November 2014 City Art wall that has this vagrant gentleman I met on the street …

Ob Postcard

I trust you’ll take pride in our colleagues’ work.

Things are starting to come together up for my stupendous November City Art show. I’m giving away so much legacy …

Postcard Holders

Python print leggings were worth every penny for the way they make me feel.

homemade postcard holders–made in the USA from 100% scrap material– Things in the studio are heating up in preparation for …

2012 Open Studio 4

A replica of the H.M.S. Bounty sank off the North Carolina coast.

This year  I took a literal approach to San Francisco Open Studios and held it in my studio.  Plenty of …

Geology Printing7

Definitely the goal is to find a house with a hot tub

I made a run of test prints from my geology book stencils. I thought I would experiment with metallic and …

7 30

Anyone who gets too close to her eggs will be pecked at.

Recently, I picked up a girl at a play and we went on a road trip through our country’s northern …

Condom Instructions

Are you masturbating in front of your window again?

Is it funny that this is the illustration that Trojan includes with instructions for heterosexual sex?   Look at those …


The Dog Exercising Machine.

This week I am a real artist.   I sold two Temporary Spaces sales to people that I know.   …


Statues of age old stone-shaped tears.

I recently took the opportunity to use Walgreen’s $1.29 poster board to my advantage.     Shopping at Walgreens was …


Directions to the Tiberon Ferry.

So a few months ago, a small girl asked me if I wanted a drawing.   I said of course …

Fast Food City Stack

My anaconda don’t want none.

Socializing has become less natural for me every year since college. Given a long enough exchange, meeting new people now …


Not valid on cable cars.

The Castro Street Fair was on Sunday and I was on hand in a custom-made booth to sell my postcards …

Box House1

Make-up grading.

The principal printing for my new series of San Francisco postcards is finally complete. I squeezed out the fourth layer …

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