Normally I do this in the dark of the night, to avoid the prying eyes.

Matting2 Resize

Now that I have somewhere to sell them, I finally got around to properly matting my dozens and dozens and dozens of paper prints depicting each intersection of 24th Street in the Mission District. Totally coincidentally, there are twenty-four intersections of 24th Street in the Mission and,  somewhat  less coincidentally, each of these prints was made on a different size paper.  That was a lot of needlessly complicated matting logistics to sort though.  Also, this is the type of gross inefficiency that illustrates  why  it’s good that I still have a day job.

But why dwell on the past? Life is about the present.  And you should buy one of these for a present, especially if you know anyone who likes the Mission District, art, or visual experiences of any kind. The great news is that these are available for crazily  patriotic  President’s Day prices at City Art Gallery till April (828 Valencia, SF, CA).

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