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Will Franken Poster

Will Franken has been mentioned more than once on this website and it my pleasure to mention him once again in the capacity of subject of my latest poster.   It is a set of 42 4-layer screen prints to commemorate his show this Friday at The Purple Onion.   Ten copies were retained for my archives, one was taped to the window of Cafe La Boheme, one will be displayed outside the show, and I am not sure what Will will do with the remaining thirty, but I secretly hope they will be dispursed to guests on Friday.   And everyone knows that when you want a secret to come true, you must post it on the internet.

Now for what you have been waiting for: the posters measure 10×16 inches and were printed with Matsui water based inks on Bristol paper.   As usual, the computer does not do the print justice and as a side note, these were some of the most frustrating little bastards I have ever had to deal with.   Mostly that’s due to a new emulsion that I was experimenting with.   Emulsion is the photosensitive polymer that forms the stencil on the screen and to make a long story slightly less long but probably just as boring, it took me a whole afternoon and two ruined screens to figure out that this particular emulsion underexposes under 12 seconds and overexposes over 13 seconds.   That is fucking crazy.     You can see what underexposed looks like if you look hard at the top layer of dark brown line work.   See how it’s kind of sloppy and light?   It needed one more second of light, probably.   But I somewhat liked its rough quality and very much did not feel like burning a new screen.

If you want to see what the design looked like before I granted it physical manifestation, click here and scroll down.   But only if you promise to believe that any print looks one hundred times better than any lousy digital design.
In conclusion, fuck Ulano QX-1 and fuck computers.

will franken poster


  1. Nowell

    Awesome. Looks like the work paid off! And I agree, fuck Ulano QX-1. Right in the eye.

  2. jon

    Thanks, NV

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