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So after a lot of frustration, I finally used brush and ink to design a screen print with all organic elements.   Nothing lifted from any cameras or old textbooks.   The project is a poster for my friend Eric‘s band, Silian Rail, and this morning I experimented with mini mock ups on 8 x 14 inch Bristol paper.

These are four layer screen prints, printed using Matsui 301 water soluble inks.   In creating the design, I wanted to print something simple that would compliment the nautical theme of their album art, something not overtly happy or sad.   I’m really pleased with the way these turned out, in particular the way the brush strokes translated to the print.   Just as I suspected, there is something satisfying about printing the work of your own hand.   Now you all just need to tell me: Orange or Yellow?

Orange Yellow


  1. Rachel

    “Now you all just need to tell me: Orange or Yellow?”

    But really: orange.

    I’m headed to the art supply store this weekend for india ink.

  2. jon

    The best place to get it is India.

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