I’m scoping all these feelings I have.


My plan to post every day of this week was about as successful as Glenn McCoy’s plan to be an acceptable member of the media.   Keep your internet goals as vague as possible to avoid letdown, I guess.   On the other hand, there are many gratifying things in this life.   One of the most gratifying things about screen printing is its ability to translate almost any image, almost always for the better.   This encourages the hoarding element of human nature.   Forgotten texts and found trash treasures take on a new life printed through a polyester screen.

I’m way in to the idea of discovering great things in the world and then finding a way to make them work squeezed through a screen.     I’ve been working on a body-themed poster for one C.W.’s harebrained schemes.   After a lot of getting nowhere on the design, I finally turned to America’s favorite last resort.   The library.   For unknown reasons, the Maritime Academy library stocked a 1973 edition of Gray’s Anatomy and I unleashed the awesome scanning power of my Canon LIDE 80 upon it.   Now dozens of striking technical drawings from a bygone era are mine. All mine!   I cannot lose.

Thorax, dorsal aspect

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