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Coit Panel

The penultimate piece in my procession of panoramic panels is done!   Six ill-tempered layers on this one and each is like a child to me:

Layer 6: (Out of the jar black with a touch of brown)   The youngest and therefore most immature layer.   Clogged up the screen almost on contact.   Virtually useless.   Wants to go to college to be a philosopher or some bullshit.

Layer 5: (Dark Brown) Very annoying.   Required several intermediate screen washes.   Left a big stain on the mesh even after thoroughly washed off.   Will probably run off with pregnant girlfriend.

Layer 4: (Warmish Light Brown)   Was a mistake from the beginning.   Can’t remember how this one was conceived but I think she accidentally got a little acrylic and water-based in her.   Made for a very uneven coat that would get me fired in a real print shop.   Luckily, Layer 5 covered for most of this.   Not that I approve of Layer 5.

Layer 3: (Beige) Just like layer 4.

Layer 2: (Warm light beige)   Went on smooth and lined up with layer one reasonably well.   I have no problem with layer 2.   He talked about business school once or something.
Layer 1: (Warmish off-white) The first born and therefore best layer.   Set a super example for all her siblings but obviously could not save them.   Oh well.   It’s their fucking life.

Second to last panel

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  1. Rachel

    Really, you make ordinary spaces look extraordinarily beautiful.
    Plus, you’re funny.

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