A sneak peek at our CR-V ad for the big game.

This Saturday saw the completion of a rare printmaking  collaboration  between myself and the extended Bregman family.

The project involved the production of one edition of prints that modestly explored the concept of Kindred.  Ziggy (aka Zmom aka Zig_Poet@gmail aka Erin’s Mom), an accomplished Santa Cruz  print maker, started things out with a woodcut she described as “invoking the family tree:”

After that, I compiled a primary source motherlode of old letters, journals, report cards, and telegrams found in  the Bregman family archive and also one of the world’s great junk shops (thank you, Ben Hill).  With the help of Erin and my letter-writing typewriter, I  constructed the words into an extra special, one-layer silver screenprint:

Today in my San Francisco studio it all came together:

What a cool little project. So now I guess if someone I don’t know likes it, it’s off to Australia. Or something.


  1. Zmom

    You are quick, Jon
    I loved the collaboration (with you and Erin)looks like the beginning of something
    good. New family archives in the making.

    Dream it

  2. Nowell

    Wow, that is definitely Erin’s mom! No question. Such fantastic work, yours and hers. And we are so going to that fuckin junk shop when we get to NYC next…

  3. jon

    Thanks and you should visit The Thing– we all need more junk in our lives.

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