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Art On Trash Boxes2

Recently I devised plans to expand my series of prints on trash.  Among other things, those plans include building box frames out of scrap hardwood flooring and plywood.  I don’t think most of my work warrants or deserves frames, but there’s something I like about putting a flourish on a frosted flake box I found in the mess hall dumpster.

So it was with great effort that I completed a few prototypes last week.  A box is a concept simple enough for a small child to understand, yet it took me hours to put these together.   Among many other things, something I never realized is hardwood is hard–I learned that the…difficult way.

The art floats flush with the surface and I like how the gap calls attention to the rough edges.  Now all I need is a wood shop, enough flooring to cover a small room, and roughly twenty-four more of these.


  1. erin

    It looks like said child is already on pentagons.
    You have some catching up to do!

  2. jon

    That genius is always one step ahead!

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