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Little Opera Shirts2 Resize

Little Opera is definitely one of San Francisco’s top fifteen, possibly only, all-kids’ opera company.

After an initial round of tee-shirt fabrication for the kids, Little Opera founder and feather2pixel sex contractor EB  worked with me to print  something more suitable  for adults.  Since the kids’ shirts, as you will recall, featured an  intriguing but possibly altogether inappropriate obscure  nineteenth  century composer, we figured there wouldn’t be much to change.

The kids shirts featured a dark print on a light shirt:

The adult shirts were printed with a negative image for the  slightly  more advanced light print on a dark shirt.  Getting a suitably opaque light print on a dark surface is a  notoriously  unfun screen printing technique to execute.  Conversely,  deliberately  executing light on dark poorly may result in this pleasingly nuanced monochromatic effect:

Cool, huh?  Amazing that it’s just white ink with a little medium for transparency and sparkle for attitude.  To me it says “I give to charity but I don’t take shit from anyone.”

Here’s negative and positive stencils:

And finally, here is the staged joy of screenprinting:


  1. erin

    Joy is right. Or relief at finally being done with them?
    Stupid me didn’t even mail them before the postage went up. Bad planning.

  2. jon

    That’s okay, they are forever t-shirts.

  3. erin

    and they are in the mail.

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