On “Motherless Bastard” a small boy is heard yelling for his mommy.

Everyone likes  tee-shirts, most people like cute kids singing, and a small number of folks like opera.  That accumulates to a fairly good reason to make tee-shirts for  Little Opera, San Francisco’s newest all-kids opera company.

In discussing the design with Little Opera CEO and supreme  empress  Erin Bregman, we decided each year’s shirt would feature a figure from the sordid history of Opera. This inaugural year’s mascot,  Engelbert Humperdinck, was  selected  mostly on the strength of his mustachioed headshot on Wikipedia.

Tonight we made a dark print on light shirts for kids. Stay tuned for the exciting follow up I think I will call light print on dark shirts for adults.

You will note the  exquisite  detail one can attain with a fine mesh screen.  Note it!


  1. Rachel

    I can see that your enthusiasm is both uncontrollable and entirely contagious.

  2. jon

    I assume you are making fun of my seemingly constrained affect! In my defense, the studio was full of people and I think that held me back me from performing at my best in front of the camera.

  3. Rachel

    I demand a retake.

  4. erin

    unfortunately, the retake was even worse.

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