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Last weekend I found myself stranded in the Sierra Nevada with Mark, Keri, and Jill. By stranded, I of course mean snowed in for 48 hours at a luxury cabin equipped with frozen fillet mignon and four hundred channels of satellite television (which, to make matters even more hellish, required a 50 yard trek to remove the snow from the five foot-high dish). Speaking of positive yardage, I officially never have to see another replay of Eli Manning’s fourth quarter pass to David Tyree that set up the Giants’ improbable win on Sunday. I don’t care if it was the biggest play in NFL history: an afternoon of one Superbowl highlight is the 2008 equivalent of the Donner party’s snowbound hell in this same area one hundred seventy years ago.

Here are some other things last weekend taught me:

  1. Avoid winter lodging on one-lane roads inhabited by people who neglect their annual plowing fees.
  2. When calling work to explain one’s snowbound dilemma, it’s best to refer to “The Sierras” rather than “Tahoe.”
  3. The chances of surviving a snowbound episode can be increased by preparing a life-giving tonic of double chocolate brownie fudge gourmet ice cream blended with ordinary milk.
  4. When electrical power is lost, two fit people can reasonably recreate approximations of Eli Manning’s fourth quarter pass to David Tyree until NFL Tonight is restored. A large pine cone can be used if a football is unavailable.

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