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Raviv Photobooth

Just as I’m starting to feel totally unappreciated in my teaching career, good old Lisa R. shows up at my office with a rainbow roll in one hand and an orphaned dachshund puppy in the other.   Last year, I was compelled to graduate Lisa R., who seemed to miss a lot of April class but pass a lot of quizes.   It worked to my advantage.   According to rumor, she made a donation to the alumni fund on the condition that I was rehired this year.   At any rate it was a welcomed gesture for a down and out teacher and her pup had a really long tongue.

Raviv leaves tomorrow morning after a week or so in the Bay.   Saturday ended up being the perfect day.   We toured the Haight (“all this street is nice”), watched an unlikely throttling of the West Virginia University Mountaineers, stopped by a little art show (all my postcards sold out on opening night!), and met up with a Bud-drinking Adrienne at The Bottom of the Hill for the best show I’ve seen there in a while.   Raviv actually just got back tonight from a one day trip to LA.   As I sat at my desk, overlooking the yellow glow of 24th street, he appeared out of nowhere.   Without thinking about it, I suddenly felt happy he was back.

photo booth


  1. Rachel

    Mmm, rainbow roll.
    It seems like most people I know are feeling uninspired and unappreciated right now. Must be something in the atmosphere.

  2. jon

    Or maybe it’s something in the sushi?

  3. Rachel

    God, I hope not.
    I imagine you’re a better teacher than you give yourself credit for.

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