I really cannot understand why this Cd has been reviewed so highly by critics and so poorly by customers.

Prints On Trash Spacecraft476

Well, I investigated another presentation for my Screen Prints on Trash series at the recent Spacecraft first Thursday show.  The theme of the show was “Unresolved,” and I decided to panel the Precita prints from the ceiling to the floor,  inviting  people to step on them.  Maybe this is laying it on a little thick, but as an experiment to reconsider the value of art, I liked the way this worked out.

Of course next time this idea needs to be taken much further.  I had visions of an entire art show that forced guests to navigate exclusively along a narrow walkway of art like the one I started here.  I was thinking maybe beds of nails could be laid out to prevent people from cheating.  Or lava or something.


  1. Ben

    You definitely could have laid it on a little thicker. Next time add an extra layer of prints.

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