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Cory Best Sculpture2

If I had lots of money that I could spend on myself, one of my top priorities would definitely be to collect work made by colleague artists I know and admire.  I think this is a great idea because in the somewhat selfish process of amassing a collection of expensive goods, this pursuit would make me appear more altruistic  and supportive to my friends.

Of course I do have a little money I can selfishly spend on myself  and recently CELLspace welder-in-chief Cory Best made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse: a very good price for one of his ruggedly elegant/elegantly rugged geometric steel sculptures.

It wouldn’t be cheap, so I took a few days to rationalize.  Suddenly the offer hit me as monumentally worth it.  Not only is this thing beautiful and going to last at least a thousand years and probably even longer than that, but I simultaneously get to help the most  legitimate  blacksmith I know pay his bills and continue welding.  From either the aesthetic or the moral  perspective, why the hell am I spending money on anything else?

(By the way, I think of Cory’s abilities as a true blacksmith not just in terms of  shaping metal but also in always having a  beer to spare.   Thanks for everything, dude.)

Me, Cory, and the Sculpture in the CELL metal shop.

The surface takes on many moods in direct light.

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