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January 29, 2011

Your safe little double B will soon be trod upon by yours truly.

1:31 pm

Guess who stopped by the screen printing studio the other night?  None other than nvSurly/Lonwell Alvier/Sir Lee himself.  The ever-dutiful Trent Reznor scholar since birth, Lonwell had just completed his new master Nine Inch Nails mix and the only thing standing in the way of shipping them off to the far corners of the California–Philly–New York City Corridor was packaging.

Enter the Slushmonger.

I would like to think that I helped motivate our hero towards completion of this much anticipated project, but just as the tides need not the assistance of man in washing up the ocean’s secrets so Lonwell needs no help from any one in making his voice heard.  I might say, though, that he did make this as difficult as possible, designing a multi-color square pattern that required the most precise of registrations–one false move and the spacing between red and black would read as monumentally screwed.

Alas, once again we discovered success together and everything turned out great.  Also, I must say that Mr. Reznor’s work on “The Social Network” soundtrack is exactly what I would expect from him in the year 2010, and I say that not to suggest that it sounds predictable but rather to offer it as the satisfying answer to the question of what would Nine Inch Nails sound like when Trent Reznor was fifty-one years old.  I have been enjoying it. (From what I could tell, the most important answer the film provides is that the social networking website is the most monumental thing to be invented by mankind since the the Polio vaccine).

close up
two guys


  1. I had this dream that you published a post about our endeavor, and alas- here it is! Thank you for lending all of your expert craftsmanship to the project- I hope it to be one of many projects to take place in this fine year 2011. And yes, next time I won’t design a logo with a grid of squares that is multi colored, since now I can fully appreciate the pain of said process. :-) -Lonwell

    Comment by Nowell — January 31, 2011 @ 1:32 pm

  2. If you, Jon, get perm for straight hair and a more aggressive haircut the two of you will look like twins at least for facial hair

    Comment by Itzhak — February 2, 2011 @ 2:40 pm

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