These thirty-two screen prints on reclaimed cardboard were designed to be displayed together and sold individually to make me rich. Each piece is unique and I enjoy how the character of the different cardboards come through here. At the time I felt pretty dumb, but dumpster diving in my dress shoes at work paid off.

The colorful base layers you see here were printed as a gradient, with two inks coming together through one stencil. I think that this results in an effective lighting scheme, with the white light diffusing through the trees into a colorful sky. In some pieces, this reads as daylight and in others as moonlight. .

The box frames are made from oak flooring and involved a furious weekend of woodworking. But it was worth it as I love how the clean lines of the hardwood complement the rough edges of the cardboard. .

This image comes from one of my favorite glades in Golden Gate Park, near the DeYoung museum and the cones are a mystery.

Three Cones in the Park
By Jon Fischer
Screenprint on reclaimed cardboard (series of 32)
12 x 24 inches

Special Thanks:
Jesse Bregman (woodworking consulting)
Ziggy Rendler-Bregman (lunch)
CW Wohlwend
Photos: Michelle Chandra

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