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Toasted Puns With Ben Hill

Pen on 450 Economy Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns | Variable Dimensions | 2013

"Toasted Puns" | Benjamin Hill and Jon Fischer | Pen on 450 Economy Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns | 13 x 9ft | 2013
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There is absolutely no educational requirement for being published.

Here is a sneak peak of noted gluten artist  Ben Hill‘s Toasted Puns, installed at Root Division for our language-art …

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How about if we interrupt the program every millisecond to update the timer and the display?

Ben Hill‘s toasted puns are coming in from our eight lettering artists. I toasted, shrink-wrapped, and tagged the first set …

Guest Artists Wanted Lil

He lights a fire within me.

Know anyone who wants to help me and Ben create a wall of Toasted Puns?  Please pass on this link …