"Three Cones in the Park" | Screenprint on Reclaimed Cardboard | 12 x 24 inches each | 2012


Three Cones in the Park Variations

Screenprint on Cardboard | 12 x 24 inches | 2012

Prints on Trash

"Nature is an endless combination and repetition of very few laws. She hums the old well-known air through innumerable variations." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Field Work
International Orange Cone

Jealous Cones

Bleached Cones

Birds Eye Cone

Electrical Cone

Caterpillar Cone

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Prints on Trash Journal
Ca 2013 03 Front

The horse meat in IKEA meatballs.

I’m getting ready for the March show at City Art: …By printing some labels on wood, complete with Linnaean taxonomy, …

Art On Trash Diorama Amber Detail Thumb

He has no doubt that the starship has traveled to the past, as bullets are no longer used on Earth in the 2150s.

I have been working on preparing my prints on cardboard series for an upcoming installation.  Mostly this involves fabricating lots …

Coyote July6 Thumb

If you missed class this week, or just want a weekend boost, be sure to join us on Saturday.

Here is where I am recording the July 2012 configuration of my display at Coyote Counter Collective.  423 40th street …

Boheme Cones. Small

I should get it now while it’s on my mind.

My latest series of prints on trash (three  traffic  cones in the park at thirty times of day), is up …

Art On Trash Boxes4

6 years before he popped the question I had been waiting forever to hear him ask

Well I spent some joyful time printing, hand-binding, and editioning a catalog for my latest series of prints on trash. …


Send your best interpretation of the theme.

Q: What’s seventeen inches long and divided into eight segments? A: You are technically correct if you guessed the  Peruvian …

Double Layer Technique

A figurative painter whose sultry and damaged women cavort unrestrained through opulent settings.

By no means is this a novel screen print technique, but I really like the effect of printing the same …

DSC04547 E1376195096976

I thought gee now what?

This is pretty stupid and took too long–much to long–for me to do, but I programmed a “View Pieces by …

Canon Lens1

Why the best chocolate is the one you eat last.

Yesterday I rented a fancy telephoto camera lens to photograph my recent series of prints on old cardboard.  The lens …

Keira Knightley is a complete disaster as Jung’s tormented patient.

I was already on pace to complete this new series for the  beginning  of February. So I figured I might …

Color Wall

This was no mere crossover project, she insisted, but an attempt to visit a parallel universe.

OK, because the gallery that was to show my ambitious new series (24 new pieces in 24 days) has dissolved …


Let us know if you would like to be contacted if our search is fruitful.

Correction: I am not part of a new gallery, the new gallery I am not part of  isn’t going to …

Gradient 1

Yaron lives across the street from the propsed restaurant and deeply respects the neighborhood.

Did I mention I was invited to join a new collective gallery owned and operated by artists? Did I mention …