American Fistfight

Interactive Installation | Screen print, dye, and inkjet print on 35mm slides, interactive robot controller | variable dimensions | 2013

Artist Statement

7x7 Magazine

July-August 2013

San Francisco Examiner

July 11 2013
American Fistfight Journal

Favor de agarrar uno.

Comprehensive tour of “Character Profile” at Root Division, an exhibition featuring projects that explore intersections between the forms, mechanisms and meanings of language.

Toasted Puns Resize

There is absolutely no educational requirement for being published.

Here is a sneak peak of noted gluten artist  Ben Hill‘s Toasted Puns, installed at Root Division for our language-art …

JF 7x7pg3 Resize

He often plays the peacemaker between McCain and the senators McCain has offended.

Character Profile at Root Division is installed, open, and ready for the masses. It really couldn’t have turned out better. …

Toasted Pun Title

Dress up like your favorite Star Wars characters, help us find “Yoda” around the ballpark.

Here are some more photos from some Character Profile projects. Ben’s Hill‘s Toasted Puns how have a title bun.  This …

Toasted Pun Test Thumb3

How about if we interrupt the program every millisecond to update the timer and the display?

Ben Hill‘s toasted puns are coming in from our eight lettering artists. I toasted, shrink-wrapped, and tagged the first set …

Chicken Wing

If product is heated, vapors generated can cause headache, nausea, dizziness and possible respiratory irritation if inhaled in high concentrations

Check out this studio photograph from my upcoming instructional pamphlet: How not to embed one buffalo wing in clear epoxy …

Guest Artists Wanted Lil

He lights a fire within me.

Know anyone who wants to help me and Ben create a wall of Toasted Puns?  Please pass on this link …

Character Profile Wings3

From TV host to fierce defender of scientific issues.

With a fierce commitment to words and play, the curation of my upcoming group show  Character Profile is going to …

CharProfile Front

You may have wondered if a backyard fire pit is legal.

“Character Profile: New Works in Language, Text, and Wordplay” Curated by Jon Fischer Opening Reception Saturday July 13 7-10PM (one …

Slide Fabrication2

The loudest voice will be the voice that speaks for those who lost their voices.

Last year I decided that I wanted to focus on art that features wordplay. To facilitate this, I arranged to …

Rd Contract

At that point, we can steer the project into much more “bio-oriented” waters.

Allow me to share this triumphant piece of paper.  This is my signed, unsealed, and delivered contract to curate the …