Prints on Trash

Prints on Trash
Prints on Trash (composite image)
Screen prints on reclaimed cardboard, gathered items, oak box frames | various Dimensions | 2012-2013
Alabama Street Variations
San Bruno Avenue Variations
Interstate 280 Variations
Moon Garden Variations
Prints on Trash Journal
San Brunos Thumb

A succession of hats worn with a severe aplomb.

Here’s a random finished piece from my series of prints on trash.  I am submitting some stuff to a group …

Cardboard Bio Thumb

Amidst this unexpected flow of materials.

A new artist information sheet printed on scrap cardboard! For my City Art debut on February 1st.

Art On Trash Diorama Dino Detail Thumb

A data model by a Yale professor.

A generous helping of my  next  generation prints on trash is now installed at the next generation Philz in Noe …

Art On Trash Diorama Amber Detail Thumb

He has no doubt that the starship has traveled to the past, as bullets are no longer used on Earth in the 2150s.

I have been working on preparing my prints on cardboard series for an upcoming installation.  Mostly this involves fabricating lots …

Boheme Cones. Small

I should get it now while it’s on my mind.

My latest series of prints on trash (three  traffic  cones in the park at thirty times of day), is up …

Art On Trash Boxes4

6 years before he popped the question I had been waiting forever to hear him ask

Well I spent some joyful time printing, hand-binding, and editioning a catalog for my latest series of prints on trash. …

Keira Knightley is a complete disaster as Jung’s tormented patient.

I was already on pace to complete this new series for the  beginning  of February. So I figured I might …

Color Wall

This was no mere crossover project, she insisted, but an attempt to visit a parallel universe.

OK, because the gallery that was to show my ambitious new series (24 new pieces in 24 days) has dissolved …

Gradient 1

Yaron lives across the street from the propsed restaurant and deeply respects the neighborhood.

Did I mention I was invited to join a new collective gallery owned and operated by artists? Did I mention …

Art On Trash Boxes2

Precisely the kind of uncontroversial passion that plays well with everyone, like Laura Bush’s fight against illiteracy.

Recently I devised plans to expand my series of prints on trash.  Among other things, those plans include building box …

Inspired Art Flyer

There were six crucial decisions in my life.

This Friday, Bay Area collectors will do battle in a grueling game of wits that will leave only one standing. …

Prints On Trash Spacecraft476

I really cannot understand why this Cd has been reviewed so highly by critics and so poorly by customers.

Well, I investigated another presentation for my Screen Prints on Trash series at the recent Spacecraft first Thursday show.  The …

2011 Open Studios

I was actually on the spreadsheet when you were editing it!

Open Studios 2011 has come.  And Open Studios 2011 has gone. Gone fast, I should add.  I forgot that the …

Art On Trash 280

Tampa’s comeback is complete.

Here is a sneak peak of a new series of screenprinted cityscapes on cardboard I have been working on for …

IMG 6118 750x562

part of the imagination station project.

Hey, I inaugurated my newly assembled work space by completing an edition of 55 screen prints on old cardboard and …