"More" | Screenprint on Wood | 48 x 24 inches | 2010


Temporary Spaces Variations

Screenprints on wood | 2008

Temporary Spaces
Temporary Spaces
Temporary Spaces
Temporary Spaces
Temporary Spaces
Temporary Spaces
Temporary Spaces
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Temporary Spaces Journal
Kw Office1

I am sure it is your favorite part of the job.

I finally got the chance to visit the home of Keith W in Sacramento.  This long overdue trip gave me …

UCSF Fence

Recently opened the Stomping Grounds, a terrain park packed with jumps.

Friends, family, Nigerian spam robots:   it is to you, my scarce and scattered and readership that I now make …

Anthem Opening1

A Safe haven in difficult times.

I recently learned of great news for San Francisco screenprinters.   Two local Davids, Dave and David, just opened a …

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Congratulations on being sincerely enthusiastic.

Here’s a cool little write up on my work from the 1AM Gallery blog.     The February 2010 group …

The City Web 750x210

A very short turnaround on this offer.

Temporary Spaces, my series of screen printed cityscapes on wood from 2008, will be featured this month in what I …

Dogpatch Hanging2 1024x249

Some new flyers that promote the benefits of ISA membership.

The Temporary Spaces found a few homes this summer. First they were displayed at Dogpatch Biofuels, San Francisco’s only biodiesel …


The Dog Exercising Machine.

This week I am a real artist.   I sold two Temporary Spaces sales to people that I know.   …


93rd most effective senator.

I really thought I would never get sick again. But with the first rain in months came the strong sensation …

Open Studios

If she was ever with me or if I was ever with her.

My apologies for the recent spate of secretive posts.   I am glad to report this entry represents a return …


The social pressure that his best song just had to be something from Blood on the Tracks.

Shit Shit! Success! After eight months, the printing of this entire project is done! This is the seventh and final …

Art Wall

Like having your own personal insider.

On Friday I had a very impromptu opportunity, in the form of a CellSPACE Sew-Op benefit, to hang all my …

Coit Panel

Feeling pressure to bring a lofty candidacy to ground level.

The penultimate piece in my procession of panoramic panels is done!   Six ill-tempered layers on this one and each …


Inserted into muscle tissue without causing damage.

New work: Look: a six-layer print! After many frustrating three-layer prints, I didn’t think I had it in me. This …

Panorama Construction

This is five minutes.

My next panels. Satisfyingly, my images are starting to take on a theme which is indicated by the billboard here. …

Ship Panels

The defense was up to snuff as well.

Almost-done panels! The color mixed out more blue than the green I planned for, but sometimes life gives you blue. …