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Interview With Monica Variations

A screenprinted motion picture on wood tiles.

Screenprint and Ink on Wood | 12 x 12 in. tiles | 36 Variations | 2013

"Interview with the Writer Monica Zarazua" overlaps several visual stories over thirty-eight wood tiles aligned in a nonlinear grid. Individually screen printed and hand inked, each tile represents one “frame” in a series of interacting scenes that take place over land, sea, and air and progress forward, backwards, up, and down along the gallery wall.
The inspiration for this work is the law of nature that states when one slows down video recordings of people moving around and inspects them frame by frame, almost every image looks interesting, mysterious, and funny. For example: a still of a person in the air. Are they jumping, falling, swimming, hovering? It's impossible to tell, and to me that makes video stills a versatile and fun raw material.
To develop this project, I interviewed the author and enlisted several adventurous friends (including Monica Zarazua) to improvise dozens of simple movements and sequences filmed using HD video on location at a variety of Bay Area locations, including the Berkeley Pier at sunset and underwater in a 60°F pool. individual images selected from single frames in the source footage were collected and reassembled to form intertwined fantastical stories that draw on motifs such as color, text, space, and movement. The result resembles something in between a period silent movie, a comic strip, and the pre-cinema locomotion studies of Eadweard Muybridge.
This piece was originally developed for the group exhibition "Slide,"in which stories written by author Monica Zarazua were translated into the mediums of painting, mixed media, sculpture, video, and photography. A visual investigation in to the concept of storytelling, my goal for this piece was to get to create a world for the storyteller to inhabit. Presenting a complex structure of overlapping narratives that is generated from simple recordings of people in motion, the project explores a fluid relationship between fiction and non-fiction, in which each creates the other.

Originally exhibited at the group show "Slide" at Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland, CA.

On location videoshoots:
  • Berkeley Pier
  • The Nantucket (Crocket, CA)
  • The Pool of Lownell Alvier
Movie Stars:
  • Monica Zarazua
  • Lee Davidson
  • Eva Tringali
  • Claire Quinn-Duggan
  • Erin Bregman
Special Thanks:
In this video Lee Davidson, Eva Tringali, Claire Quinn-Duggan, and Erin Bregman perform actions and gestures for the production of this project underwater in a 59° pool. Individual images selected from single frames in this footage were collected and reassembled to form intertwined fantastical stories that draw on motifs such as color, text, space, and movement.


Joyce Gordon Gallery | June 7- June 29, 2013

Joyce Gordon Gallery presents, “SLIDE” an exhibition that partners visual and literary arts in order to deepen the act of storytelling. Seven short stories written by author Monica Zarazua are translated into the mediums of painting, mixed media, sculpture, video, and photography.

Opening Reception
First Friday, June 7, 6-9pm
Artist Talk and Book Reading
 Saturday June 22nd 1-4pm
Participating Artists
Christine Balza
Xiomara Castro
Samantha Chundur
Nicole Dixon
Jon Fischer
Trevor Parham
Jamie Treacy
and Monica Zarazua

The writing process involves figuring out the words, characters, and incidents needed to tell a story. It involves making connections between parts. Once the story is captured, is the ending final? In this exhibition the answer is no, never; stories evolve as they gain new storytellers. In this collaboration each artist expands on an aspect of a written story from the collection Slide that resonates with him or her. The artwork transforms images, feelings, and ideas expressed with written words into physical forms. With these new interpretations, the connections between individual worlds, both internal and external, are revealed. The stories expand and deepen as different artists express what is most true for them.

Joyce Gordon Gallery

Joyce Gordon Gallery is a commercial fine art gallery located in the downtown district of Oakland California. It exhibits art that reflects the social and cultural diversity of the Bay Area and international artists. The aim of the gallery is to respect the creative pursuits of the individual and seeks to make such work accessible to a broad audience.

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