Valencia to Vermont Scraps Postcards 62-72

//From newsprint proofs of Valencia to Vermont screenprint series.
//A series of eighty unique postcards in four colors were produced for friends and family.
Valencia to Vermont Journal
Mission St Framed1

3 years now of daily and sometimes abusive use.

In 2009 when I was furiously producing a screenprint on wood for every intersection of Twenty-Fourth Street in the Mission …

Campos Install Thumb1

A dedicated biker, a two-wheeled urban ninja.

These are photos of my exhibition of Twenty-Fourth Street Cityscapes on Wood in the office of San Francisco (District 9) …

Mediocre numbers for the Republican ticket.

Installing my Valencia to Vermont project in the San Francisco City Hall office of Supervisor David Campos. The project visually maps the Mission District intersection by intersection.

Credit Tile

An abundance of local materials and resources

Look, an article about the Local Mission Eatery design.  My esteemed colleagues,  architects   Seth and Kelli do a good …

Jon At Saw

Criteria For Presidential Assessment.

Yo! Local Mission Eatery just won California Home & Design reader’s choice award for best designed restaurant in San Francisco! …

Open Studios 2010

Cuddy, House and members of the team join forces.

Open Studios weekend has come and gone.   Aren’t you impressed with the power of my self promotion skills?   …


This is obviously a difficult situation.

Bless me internet, for I have a confession to make.   I am not proud of my actions but I …

Mission Local Tour

To evade accountability to its international obligations

Valencia to Vermont is a top pick this week at funcheapSF.com! Fears of a third grade birthday repeat (total attendance: …

Promo Bookmark 750x515

Normally Open Push Button

Next event: Wednesday.   Come check out this pain in the ass of an installation and see what all the …

More than a side’s worth.

The restaurant is opening this week! The wall is installed and fully vertical! The toilets are flushing! (You only make …

If you no longer require this review copy, please return it to Pearson Education.

Me and my team do the final install of Valencia to Vermont in its permanent Mission District home. The 30 foot-long mural consists of several hundred wood tiles, visually mapping the Mission District intersection by intersection.

Credit Tile

The people were generous and spirited, the volunteers cheery.

The final tile of the 24th Street Project.     (The “info, maps and more” are on their way, in …

Jon At Saw

Windmills of the Gods.

So the art opening for the 24th Street project isn’t on March 5th anymore.   Actually, I think the art …


The menu is limited.

Here is the promo postcard to the restaurant art opening!   It is more of a bookmark, I guess.   …

Capp Resize

An executive agreement.

The 24th Street Project has an opening date at Local Mission Eatery!   On March 5, 2010 from 7-9, we …