Turntable Drawings

Turn Table Drawings By Jon Fischer
“Observations indicate that things are always made of smaller things, leading to the unanswerable question: what is the smallest thing? A loop-like model of the universe may avoid this problem."
-S.J. Manetta 1905
Visual Works
  • Fifty records | Urethane Resin and various materials | 120 x 50 inch installed | 2017
Description: A loop-based composition for piano, guitar, custom made sine wave records, & three turntables. Designed to create an environment and be performed for an indefinite duration, it was first performed during my 2016 Open Studios visual art exhibition at The Pacific Felt Factory in San Francisco.
ABOUT THIS PROJECT:  This is the first phase of a project supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission to create three phonograph-like apparatuses that generate sounds from a collection of interchangeable, revolving sculptures based on geological landscapes of California. They will function as both (1) instruments played in a musical performance, and (2) works of public art that invite participation in a lobby, airport, or museum. A collaboration with San Francisco musician Danny Clay, the project will conclude with performances at the Center for New Music during the 2016-17 season. 
Danny Clay is a composer / sound artist / teaching artist / general noise-maker from Ohio, currently based in San Francisco. His work utilizes musical games, open forms, found objects, archival media, toy instruments, classroom collaborations, graphic notation, digital errata, cross-disciplinary research, and the everything-in-between. Recent collaborators include Kronos Quartet, Sarah Cahill, Phyllis Chen, Third Coast Percussion, Friction Quartet.
Turntable Drawing E.P
Danny Clay & Jon Fischer
Loop-based composition for piano, guitar, custom made sine wave records, & three turntable performed by Danny Clay and Jon Fischer. Four tracks recorded at The Pacific Felt Factory in San Francisco.