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Tricky Triangles

In conjunction with my ongoing series of mixed media works Tricky Triangle // By Kristin Roeder

A TRIANGLE IS a plane figure with three straight sides and three angles.

  • A triangle is a fundamental form–every triangle is self-balanced by nature.
  • The angles of a triangle always sum to exactly 180 degrees because every triangle must perfectly fold back on itself in three straight steps.
  • Any point along the perimeter of a triangle may be selected as the beginning of its closed path, but this also establishes the same point as the termination, and no one point along this path is more fundamentally suited than any other point to serve in this way.
“Tricky Triangle” is an ongoing collection of mixed media works.
Tricky Triangles are relationships of threes that connect a closed path with no fundamental end nor beginning.
A Tricky Triangle could present a passing joke or a universal human truth, a tenuous impression or an irreducible metaphysical situation.