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  • Character Profile At Root Division

    A word art exhibition needs to be read to believed.

    Drawing from a cross disciplinary group of twenty-six collaborators from across the country including writers, visual artists, and craftspeople, Character Profile investigates novel functions of language through a broad range of materials, media and approaches. Many of these works are dedicated to a spirit of engagement and play. The exhibition highlights art designed for direct interaction with visitors and work that provokes expanded meanings and alternative associations. These artists present language as both a medium and a subject, and deftly maneuver words to both convey and critique meaning.

  • Toasted Puns1

    Toasted Puns With Ben Hill

    Jokes on Bread
    To baseball writer Ben Hill, the minor leagues are quite possibly the most wordplay obsessed industry in America. As the nation’s pre-eminent chronicler of such (milb.com, Ben’s Biz Blog), writing about racing mascots such as Jim "Flea"land and "Kitty" Holmes is all in a day's work. Over the last half decade Hill has written hundreds of puns such as these, a labor of love (or perhaps compulsion) borne out of a life-long affinity for what has often been described as the lowest form of humor. It’s long been his desire to share his jokes with the masses, but he had always lacked the proper context.
    Until now.

  • Stephen Print Featured

    Stephen’s PrintAt Precita Park

    Stephen Stymiest 1952-2012
    In December 2011, Stephen was attacked by unknown assailants.  In early 2012 Stephen died of cirrhosis of the liver and wounds sustained during the attack, which is believed to be a gang initiation incident.

  • Daldr Floor 4

    Down A Little Dirt Road With Erin Bregman and Just Theater

    Screenprinted Room
    A 600ft2 continuous screenprint installed in a small theater as part of the set for Just Theater’s production of Down A Little Dirt Road by Erin Bregman.  Designed to completely envelop the room’s floor and part of its wall, the piece was hand printed on commercial vinyl flooring material and secured with gaffer’s tape.

  • DSC05095cropped

    Valencia to Vermont

    Documenting the Mission District by intersection.

    A Screen Printed Photojournalism Project
    In many ways 24th Street embodies all that is dynamic, energetic, and contested about the Mission District. In 2010 I mapped 24th Street between Valencia to Vermont streets by creating a screenprint for each of its twenty-four intersections in this span, including the alleys and side streets.
    Taken together, these images capture a snapshot of the neighborhood and its residents at one moment in history. The intent is to present a visual record of the Mission as a community of communities that is made strong and vital by its diversity.

  • Postcard 28 With Nowell Valeri

    Three Seasons. One Day.
    N owell and I shot this over the course of 2005 on his Panasonic DVX100 and we put it together intermittently throughout the following two years. The film began as a series of Steadicam and time lapse tests at some of our favorite San Francisco locations. Eventually the footage began to collect into a something resembling a coherent film and the project took on a life of its own.
    We decided to develop it into a three or four minute video postcard with the hope of capturing the solitary, beautiful side of San Francisco. We also liked the idea of using a short to manipulate the idea of passing time. So my appearance changes (beard/no beard, different clothes) throughout the movie’s beginning middle and end.

San Francisco Little Opera

San Francisco’s only all kids opera company.

Little Opera features a comprehensive nine-month program that leads each class of students through the creation and performance of an original opera. On many Thursdays throughout the year, students take specialized Master Classes taught by professional Bay Area artists to deepen their learning. In addition to teaching visual design, on Building Day I help the kids fabricate sets for their annual performance at the Alcove theater in San Francisco.

Listen to The Attack of the Licorice Lemurs

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“I go outside, and I’m wearing a funky T-shirt and my hair is dirty, and people say, ‘What’s wrong with her? She needs to invest in a hairbrush.”
-Kristen Stewart


Little Opera Shirt 2013 March3

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“See what you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, sees miracles? Or do you believe that people just get lucky?”
-M. Night Shyamalan



Wood Labels 2


“We had incense and rock’n’roll posters, and we sold records and rolling papers. People could just, like, hang out. We had a cool vibe going.”
-Tommy Hilfiger


LO Poster 2014

Little Opera 2015 Poster