Temporary Spaces

The city is a secret with cracked pavement.
Let its hills roll under you like a song.
Until the end of the continent gives way to the Pacific Ocean.
It is the biggest and most mysterious thing in the world.
And it will never disappoint for a fresh perspective on the sphere of human ideas.
Ocean Beach, San Francisco | Collected Webcam Stills: 2011-2013
Temporary Spaces Questions
  • How do the natural and the manmade come together to manufacture urban landscapes?
  • What’s the difference between aging and decay?
  • Does tourism liberate consciousness or enslave it?*
  • Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?
  • How can artists improve their community?
  • What is the relationship between the materials of the city and the materials of art making?
  • How do you screen print on raw steel?
  • Can trash be beautiful?

*Dean MacCannell “The Tourist”, University of California Press, 1976.

  • "More" | Screenprint on Wood | 48 x 24 inches | 2010

    Temporary Spaces Variations

    These places will be gone soon

  • "Three Cones in the Park" | Screenprint on Reclaimed Cardboard | 12 x 24 inches each | 2012

    Three Cones in the Park Variations

    Versatile and highly flexible, these pieces can be free-hung or mounted to a wall in endless configurations. They are meant to be raw material for future projects.

    By mounting them in sturdy box frames and generating over thirty multiples, my hope for these pieces is to find some interesting opportunities for site-specific installations in the future. For example I'd love to install a "forest path" configuration, in which gallery visitors walk through a narrow corridor of ceiling-mounted pieces that hang at eye level and create hanging walls of art on both sides.


    Prints on Trash

    This project was inspired by a humongous pile of scrap cardboard, mostly in the form of irregular boxes rejected by their manufacturer.

    One of my goals was to transform this humongous pile of scrap cardboard into a limited edition of beautiful & interesting work. In an attempt to push the idea of art towards acts of engagement, this series was designed to be affordable for anybody who might want to own one. Lots of it was even given away.

  • DSC05095cropped

    Valencia to Vermont

    Documenting the Mission District by intersection.

    A Screen Printed Photojournalism Project
    In many ways 24th Street embodies all that is dynamic, energetic, and contested about the Mission District. In 2010 I mapped 24th Street between Valencia to Vermont streets by creating a screenprint for each of its twenty-four intersections in this span, including the alleys and side streets.
    Taken together, these images capture a snapshot of the neighborhood and its residents at one moment in history. The intent is to present a visual record of the Mission as a community of communities that is made strong and vital by its diversity.

Little Bastards
Sd Pier2


San Diego Pier Variations

Live Printed at Root Division

Michelles Print Featured Image2


Michelle’s print

Screenprint on pine

Hill Street Final Front


House on Hill Street w/ Dog

Screen Print on 35lb Steel Slab

San Bruno On Planks1


Heather’s print

Screenprinted wood and MUNI fast passes.