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  • Happiness is choosing yourself above all else.

    TThis year’s Little Opera official show poster won’t be hand printed, but it does invoke screen printing. It features drawings by Mission District native Felipe Hernandez as well as one very special vintage newpaper. Final show is tonight!

    tragedy of tragedies
    deja vu tango
    the giraffe, the witch, & the portal
  • Celebrate Our Growth – Demolition Event

    With a little help from my friend Rockwell Condensed Serif, Erin and I completed the 2014 Little Opera recruitment poster. This year the expanding L.O. team will venture into the great perilous unknown that is American middle school.

    Little Opera 2014 Poster
  • When it gets sold we’ll let you know.

    My  Silian Rail posters are complete.  Instead of settling on one way to print all of them, I decided to provide a few options for potential owners to choose from.  In forcing myself to be loose and more flexible (or, more accurately, marginally less  inflexible), I felt rewarded by the compelling and vaguely playing card-like effect that flipping the stencil produced in some of these.

    All posters are 14×17″.  An edition of 30.

  • At our meeting yesterday we all decided to support you by giving you a gift certificate.

    I should chose between four ways to print this Silian Rail poster. Here’s the candidates I printed with the complete stencils (all posters are 14×17″):

  • We are providing: taco truck, drinks, horseshoes.

    Mere weeks after printing this, I was in the mountains for this (scroll down to see the images–I don’t know why).

    Coincidence? Fate? Or does the the motion of the moon and its resultant appearance from the surface of planet Earth follow some sort of regular pattern? The answer of course is impossible to know, but I spent the final week of summer ‘010 in the Sierra Nevada contemplating such sweeping issues.

    See?   Pants-less contemplation:
    Dick's Lake

    Also I climbed a mountain with beloved companions.
    Mt Tallac

    And I witnessed interfaith love consecrated at the wedding of a Wohlwend. No photos of that so far, but I did purchase this panel painted with house paint at the Nevada City Crafts Fair.

    And now I must go earn my keep. My day job starts now.

  • I’ve heard so many good things about this.

    Silian Rail Poster:

    I thought a productive way to kick off the July printing season would be to crank out a series of starkly radiant posters for my favorite Bay Area boy-girl post post-rock experience, Silian Rail. Time was of the essence as our heroes were embarking on a west coast tour in a matter of days, and the project proved to be a much bigger pain in the ass than anticipated. This was mainly due to incompetence on my part.

    The image was inspired by a recent camping trip to Angel Island with Christina, Marella, and EB (I can’t believe I have never done that before).     I had a feeling that the band would be in to a subdued natural scene that invoked their native Oakland.   That led to this Bay Bridge-Victorian-moon rise trifecta.   The images were printed on 30 x 22 Canson stock in a variety of colors:

    (Click to enlarge)


    Here’s some details.   The bridge:

    The window:

    The moon:

    Of course I accidentally produced all the exposure films one inch too long for the paper. This near fatal mistake required some eleventh hour jerry-rigging in order for the band name to come through, which it barely did in the end. Luckily there was room for me to tape the text in the bottom corner of the film. Here’s what I am talking about.

    And here’s some of the other (slightly too long for the paper) films:
    Layer 1:

    Layer 2:

    And that’s probably more than anyone ever needed to know about the Silian Rail posters. Eric and Robin hit the road and the posters were on sale up and down the continent for an incredibly affordable five dollars. A limited edition of 45 or something.

  • That way I can get going on the required purchases.

    This year I was in charge of organizing Cellspace open studios (to the extent that Cellspace can be organized). We had buttons, a cardboard stage, performance installations, and smoked Gouda. Some Korean students interviewed me on tape and I ate three burritos in 4o hours.   I screen printed a one layer poster for the occasion. Some other pictures:


  • Non Teaching Time Report.

    Here’s my latest poster design (that I have no plans to actually screen print myself).   Which is good (because my screen printing studio has suddenly become dismantled).   (More details later.)

    sf popfest poster

    Think it’s indiepop enough?

  • Feuding Mexican stepbrothers who head from the sticks to the big leagues in this raucous soccer comedy.

    Will Franken has been mentioned more than once on this website and it my pleasure to mention him once again in the capacity of subject of my latest poster.   It is a set of 42 4-layer screen prints to commemorate his show this Friday at The Purple Onion.   Ten copies were retained for my archives, one was taped to the window of Cafe La Boheme, one will be displayed outside the show, and I am not sure what Will will do with the remaining thirty, but I secretly hope they will be dispursed to guests on Friday.   And everyone knows that when you want a secret to come true, you must post it on the internet.

    Now for what you have been waiting for: the posters measure 10×16 inches and were printed with Matsui water based inks on Bristol paper.   As usual, the computer does not do the print justice and as a side note, these were some of the most frustrating little bastards I have ever had to deal with.   Mostly that’s due to a new emulsion that I was experimenting with.   Emulsion is the photosensitive polymer that forms the stencil on the screen and to make a long story slightly less long but probably just as boring, it took me a whole afternoon and two ruined screens to figure out that this particular emulsion underexposes under 12 seconds and overexposes over 13 seconds.   That is fucking crazy.     You can see what underexposed looks like if you look hard at the top layer of dark brown line work.   See how it’s kind of sloppy and light?   It needed one more second of light, probably.   But I somewhat liked its rough quality and very much did not feel like burning a new screen.

    If you want to see what the design looked like before I granted it physical manifestation, click here and scroll down.   But only if you promise to believe that any print looks one hundred times better than any lousy digital design.
    In conclusion, fuck Ulano QX-1 and fuck computers.

    will franken poster
  • Evade formidable foes at portable games.

    The anatomy poster is done!   All you have to do to see it is move your mouse over the the all-knowing more link and click.   Wait, did I say mouse?   Of course you wouldn’t ever move your mouse over a computer screen.   That would be ridiculous.   I meant move the pointer that is controlled by your mouse.   Or maybe you don’t even have a mouse.   Maybe it is a track pad.   Or a stylus, like my friend Nowell uses.   Could even be one of those useless red nubs.   Oo, any trackballs in the house?   I am sorry for making so many assumptions. I was just trying to suggest that there is a small possibility that the act of activating the more link could be worth your time.   In the future I promise to be a scrupulous Californian and do my part to promote a non-specific, assumptionless society.  

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  • We need to have you become a listener-supporter.

    So after a lot of frustration, I finally used brush and ink to design a screen print with all organic elements.   Nothing lifted from any cameras or old textbooks.   The project is a poster for my friend Eric‘s band, Silian Rail, and this morning I experimented with mini mock ups on 8 x 14 inch Bristol paper.

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  • I’m scoping all these feelings I have.

    My plan to post every day of this week was about as successful as Glenn McCoy’s plan to be an acceptable member of the media.   Keep your internet goals as vague as possible to avoid letdown, I guess.   On the other hand, there are many gratifying things in this life.   One of the most gratifying things about screen printing is its ability to translate almost any image, almost always for the better.   This encourages the hoarding element of human nature.   Forgotten texts and found trash treasures take on a new life printed through a polyester screen.

    I’m way in to the idea of discovering great things in the world and then finding a way to make them work squeezed through a screen.     I’ve been working on a body-themed poster for one C.W.’s harebrained schemes.   After a lot of getting nowhere on the design, I finally turned to America’s favorite last resort.   The library.   For unknown reasons, the Maritime Academy library stocked a 1973 edition of Gray’s Anatomy and I unleashed the awesome scanning power of my Canon LIDE 80 upon it.   Now dozens of striking technical drawings from a bygone era are mine. All mine!   I cannot lose.

    Thorax, dorsal aspect

  • A “perilous moment” requiring swift and decisive action.

    Abusin’ the rule-of-three:

    I have been thinking a lot about posters lately.   If screen printing is the high calorie carbonated beverage of the printing world, then screen printed t-shirts are probably the Coke, screen printed posters are the Pepsi and mousepads are the R.C. Cola.   I was reminded of this during a recent visit to Mollusk Surf Shop, where every supply needed to construct an aesthetically harmonious surf lifestyle, from literature (coastal travel guides) to clothing (printed hoodies as far as the eye can see) to music (mostly Brightblack Morning Light), is all available within a perfectly designed 1500 square feet.   Anyway, the art gallery featured screen printed posters and they reminded me why I think screen printing is cool. Bold blocks of solid color, clever ways of doing more with less, a vague sense of incomprehensibility: bring on the rotten teeth.

    poster poster poster   poster poster