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Jon At Saw

Yo! Local Mission Eatery just won California Home & Design reader’s choice award for best designed restaurant in San Francisco!

I would like to think that my 30-foot long installation of geographically ordered screenprints on wood tiles that visually map the Mission District by intersection had something noteworthy to contribute to the execution of this concept, but alas there is no love for (nor even mention of!)   Valencia to Vermont to be found anywhere on the website’s otherwise triumphant press release.

Eh, that’s okay. It’s my friends friends Kelli Franz and Seth Pare-Mayer (architects),   Sterling Tougas (contractor), Yaron Milgrom and Jake Des Voignes (co-owners) who deserve the kudos for a thoughtfully realized project.   I was just happy to be along for the ride.

Check it out here.


  1. Itzhak

    What are you talking about? The photos clearly show your art. What else do you want a list of your artistic CV with your name in golden letters?

  2. Nowell

    YO! Congrats man!!! That’s all kinds of friggin awesome!

  3. jon

    Actually I think my name looks better in platinum than gold lettering.

  4. ben

    You think it’s good?/Your name won’t go platinum or even turn wood

  5. Seth

    There was no ride to be had my friend. Your incredible piece(s) contribute immensely to the feeling of the space. I am drawn into the images and textures you created every time I step foot in the restaurant. Thank you for your hard work and heartfelt artistry.

  6. jon

    It was great working with you guys, Seth. Some time down the line I hope we can collaborate again. Congratulations on the award, you guys deserve it.

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