In the parlance of the bureaucracy.


Gonna make an art piece inspired by a recent visit to the far Southwestern reaches of San Francisco county. There one will find Fort Funston, headquarters for the imminent global canine takeover massive dogpark and one of the notable hang-gliding spots on the California Coastline. Launching from the rugged cliffs that rise up at the very end of Ocean Beach, the glider-ers make it look it easy. I could watch them sweep out their serene flowing curves for hours. Or at least until I can no longer resist the impulse to unleash my camera and aquire the image:


I knew I was preparing this surface of a continuous sheet of dot-matrix paper rigidly fixed to wood for a reason. There’s some cotton lace underneth for texture.


And here’s something new: a last minute decision to throw down some pastel drawings for each frame of motion. I love how the eraser marks are very clearly the vigorous work of the human hand.


Cue the screen print. The more I learn about screen printing, the less screen printing I do. That is to say the objective is to do more with less. Surprisingly little screen printing is needed to form a deep and resonant image. I liked the idea of retaining the somewhat chaotic foregrounds from the photos. However my instincts told me to direct things towards simplicity, so the figures in the gif above have been replaced with an image of–you guessed it–Mr. Nowell Valeri.


Now I am actually undecided about whether to add the gliders or not. That would be the final step. Part of me likes the understated simplicity of where this is now, though.

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