Sealy unveils a technology that Simmons has used since the 1920s.

Sunset2 2011

This year I realized that something I enjoy about San Francisco winters is unpredictability.   This realization possibly has something to do with the the weather during the last few weeks, which has has consistently fluctuated between foggy thirties and sunny sixties.   Somewhere in that time, I convinced myself this is not too unusual and please feel free to tell me that my double negative dropping ass is full of it.   Also not unusually, I have tried my best to be in the SF outerlands to witness the city in all its messed up moods because I like to think that this is something we have in common.

Here are some pictures that came out alright.


Warm-ass wintertime haze on 47th Ave


The N-Judah turnaround.


Cold-ass wintertime fog at the Sutro Baths


Lost ghostbusters wallet in Golden Gate Park

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