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You should realize that I have the best of blogging intentions. Not only am I usually thinking of great ideas for posts, but I constantly find myself toying with concepts for simple flourishes that I’m confident would accumulate to the astonishingly rich digital archive of my dreams. Man I’m telling you, in a certain imagining of my life there’s something delightful posted about every cognitive-behavioral event I experience.   You would log on every day and I would knock your socks off. Woe is me that somewhere along the way, the gap between my ambition and my lack of follow-through comes to bear.

For example, take this screen drying cabinet I just built.

Screen Cabinet

While depicting no overstatement in an account of my true feelings, I can honestly tell you that I would feel so much more complete and validated if I:

  • told you the story of how I very grudgingly decided to build this myself once my carpenter leads dried up.
  • chronicled my 10 day evolution from shamefully bad to very bad woodworker.
  • described the notably not worth it sense of accomplishment I felt upon completion.


I am just a closeted, self-loathing product of of my time and place.

But anyway, in practice I guess I suck at this.   Basically the main idea is that now I know how to build a wooden box on wheels.

…Kind of.

…It’ll come in handy.   (Thanks to Jake R. and Jesse B. for the invaluable advice on this.)

beautiful 1/4 profile of cabnet


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