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Muni Car Accident

It is time to reveal the most exciting new thing I have going for me in 2014.

Here’s a hint: “every San Franciscan’s dream.”

No, not a latte made exclusively from the extracted bodily fluids of Steve Jobs. No, not a functional public transit system. Not a permanent reservation at Flour and Water.  The answer is more space!

My studio has expanded into TSFRBYRE, The Space Formerly Rented By Rodney Ewing.  In a nutshell, in addition to splitting my original space with Julia, I am also renting the entire TSFRBYRE but subleasing its closet at fractional cost to Matthew and Akemi, the fashion designers who also technically split the loft space shared by me and Julia, whose private studio also happens to be the walkway to all the other studios and bathrooms.

The territory is starting to resemble the geography of the West Bank, but with less of a direct mortal threat to the future of all human civilization.

Anyway, it’s an awesome space.  I just wanted more room, and didn’t even think about the way it could change my work.  But I am thinking about that now.  Check it out. To the left there is nothing less than a forty-five ft2 canvas. And it’s taking up like less than one tenth of my total wallspace. Yes, that is a skylight above my head:

new studio

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