It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way.

Here it is. After hundreds of hours of work and months of downtime, feather2pixels is totally overhauled. Completely retooled.  Extremely madeovered.

The site is now a comprehensive archive of all my work since 2006. All those videos, pictures, audio recordings, mindless ramblings I persisted in creating over the years for no apparent reason? All of it is now organized, cross-listed, and linked by project in the database powering this new webpage.

Of course all the things about feather2pixels you couldn’t live without are still here. And if you didn’t particularly love anything about feather2pixels before, well there might be a little lot more romance in the air now. Cupid is loose and ready to go on a shooting spree.

Some highlights (Each one of these took me approximately eighty times longer to make than it would have for a web developer):

So here it is. Web design is just hard enough to be interesting and just uninteresting enough to be annoying. After so much time it feels weird to be using my site rather than building it. But here we go. See you on the other side. Just make sure the other side is still here. On second thought lets just all stay on this side forever. I don’t think I can do this again. Please love me.

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