There is one obstacle in his path: Greeks.


If the public visited my website I would write:

Hey if anyone is interested in getting started with screen printing, you might be interested to know that I am teaching a two night t-shirt workshop through Rock, Paper, Scissors gallery in Oakland.   The workshop takes place last week, which means that   I’m an idiot and it’s too late for you to actually participate.

Good thing its just you and me reading this, friends and Nigerian hackers.

I guess I was laying low because the workshop was a test run of sorts.   Mostly I was a nervous about the ancient screens available for us to use.   You can’t screenprint without a working screen.   But hey, the screens worked fine and I dare say that the workshop really couldn’t have gone better.   I got to travel to West Oakland to spread the Good Word and four very cool people made prints that were way more successful than I dared hope.

Here’s some pictures:






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