Cuddy, House and members of the team join forces.

Open Studios 2010

Open Studios weekend has come and gone.   Aren’t you impressed with the power of my self promotion skills?   Well, don’t feel that bad if you didn’t know about it or weren’t there.   It was sort of a bad weekend for art.   My memory of it will forever take the form of me sitting alone in a 15,000 square foot warehouse, competing with the Blue Angels and Burning Man Decompression for the attention of San Francisco.   In other words, nothing is my fault ever.

On the positive side, the weekend was a welcome chance to hang up lots of work from the last year, create a bottomless wine and cheese plate and take stock of my practice.   I think it looked good.   It’s too bad you weren’t there, I was practically giving shit away.   If you look closely, you can see my t-shirt rack!



  1. Cat

    You know, some people DID show up. Thanks for the mention, buddy!

  2. jon

    That’s true, sorry. People who came:
    David and Suzie
    A guy in a red hat

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