An old school, pro-style offense.

Sf Heros Label1

People seem to be much more interested in my studio when I am working on t-shirts.   So maybe out of the goodness of my heart or maybe out of a pitiful need to be noticed, I printed a few tops for friends and family.

My secret weapon: H&M.   How are they able to manufacture garments in Bangladesh, ship them eight thousand miles to the West Coast of the U.S., and sell them at profit for $5.95?   Just a little thing called supply side economics you dumbass liberal apologists.   You jerks are so in love with regulation that if you had your way this rampant federal government would probably be trying to take over the delivery of everyone’s goddamned mail (and taxing me for it).

Anyway the series depicts three figures selected the from the city’s history.   I already executed a second printing, mostly because I carelessly failed to buy any large shirts the first time.

It’s a series of, I don’t know, twenty? Anyone want one? If so, I will heat set and drop in the mysterious blue container outside. It seems to seems to receive, sort, handle, and promptly deliver anything I place in it.

sf heros
sf heros
sf heros
sf heros

sf heros

sf heros


  1. Rachel

    Yes please? Are you taking requests? D would probably laugh if she got a size M green guy with the big beard.

  2. jon

    OK but Emperor Norton demands to be called by name.

  3. Rachel

    My bad. I thought “Green Guy with the Big Beard” would be sufficient, as it’s a lovely title in and of itself. A mistake I won’t make again.

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