Adults typically weigh 45 to 60 pounds, but have been known to grow to 100 pounds.

Israel Cam Pic

“You all know me
Still same old G
But I have been low key
Strongly disliked by most of these fellows with no means of personal motorized transportation,
No snowmobiles and no skis.”

Adapted from Dr. Dre, M.D.

Hello.   Welcome to the post in which I sheepishly acknowledge my conspicuous lack of online activity and do my best to atone.   I am still active.   I still remember my English.   I’ve just been reluctant to spend any more summer time than necessary in front of the computer.   Apparently, this reluctance does not extend to shopping for leather boots or streaming “Nightmare on Elm Street” to my bed.   But rest assured that in this particular struggle between mind and matter, I resolve that mind shall heretofore regain the upper hand to ultimately slay matter, separating head from body in however many bloody blows to the neck it takes to get this blog rolling again.

Did I mention that I was away for a while?   It’s true.   I can even prove it with this doctored cell phone picture from the Israeli-Syrian border:

And since then I have been in the studio, busy as an autistic beaver.   Six layer night-scene posters, second edition wood prints, t-shirts up the wazoo, a collaboration with Molly Martin and Torben Ulrich (Lars’ dad):   I have had my reticular webbed paws in a little bit of everything this summer.

And now I want to share it all with the world.   My plan is to post a little something every day or so until I am caught up.   By updating, I am confident that the world will be a changed place.       When you finally see all that I have been up to, I am confident that you will eventually click out of your browser and perhaps get a drink of water.

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