In your face, Space Coyote!!!


So instead, I’ll leave you with my five favorite photographs from this weekend.


  1. JMLP

    Why does only one of the 5 favorite pictures show up? I demand to speak to the webmaster! Note: the pictures are presented in the order they were taken, not the order of favorite-hood. As if any of you even cares.

  2. jon

    Only showed up because of militant hackers. I fixed it.

  3. ben

    Dude, I can’t believe that picture of your feet is your second favorite.

    You should have called it “Achilles Last Stand”; if only you had the Presence of mind to do such a thing.

  4. jon

    He would have but got cold feet.

  5. JMLP

    I should note, that these pictures are in order of their taking, not the order of their favorite-ness to me. I should have noted that a long time ago. It’s nobody’s fault but mine.

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