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Earlier this week, the 24th Street Project was finally ready to be installed at the new Local Mission Eatery. So I bought a 6 pack, rallied some friends, and we spent six hours fastening a grid of 350 wood tiles to six enormous slabs of MDX.   Three days later the industrial grade glue still hasn’t come of our hands, but I have a warm feeling from knowing how dedicated my friends are in my time of need.

Thanks to:

  • Jim
  • Erin
  • To-Shi-O
  • Cat
  • Yaron (owner of Local Mission Eatery)
  • Laser

And now you shall witness the proceedings on this third rate video I made.   (Pay attention to the second part of the time lapse and you can see the inimitable Phil–proprietor of the legendary Philz coffee shop two doors down–look on with questionable approval)


  1. Cat

    I might have thought twice about not taking a post-workout shower before coming out, had I known I’d be on the world wide web!

  2. ben

    That’s okay, this is the part of the world wide web that no one visits. It’s like the dark side of the moon.

  3. Rachel

    I particularly like your choice of music.

  4. Nowell

    Shit! I’m really bummed I couldn’t come. Oh well. Next time you outfit an entire restaurant with your artwork, I’ll BE THERE. :-\

  5. jon

    Thanks for all the support and insults, everyone.

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