Goodnight, big lady!


I ask you this: what is better than a good ol’ fashioned German restaurant?   Answer: A good ol’ fashioned East German Restaurant!   After my favorite schnitzel place shut its doors a few months ago with a truly sad and unexpected farewell,   a void was left in the city’s breaded-meat and 2 liter beer dining options.   Luckily, Walzwerk on South Van Ness not only stepped in quickly to fill the vacuum, but it also happened to be on my 2010 restaurant Bucket List.   So me, CW, and Nowell checked it out on the Thursday night of my very first group show at my very first gallery.

We missed the show.

Our absence was on account of a terrible accident which required the paramedics and ambulance, but the food was damn good.   In sum we sat at a long table with two San Francisco old timers who seemed tickled by us, all ingesting unhealthy quantities of food and drink.   Enough so that I found myself waiting in agony outside the lone bathroom,   crying “Mr Gorbachev tear down this stall!”

Sorry, that was stupid.   (And why would I want the stall torn down if I needed to use it so badly?)

Anyway, Walzwerk was just as great as Schnizelhaus and later that week I went to new-to-me Chinese and Japanese places that were touted as the Sunset and Inner Richmond’s Dumpling King and Sushi Zone, respectively.   They were fine.



  1. Cat

    I resent this.

  2. jon

    If you are referring to the post title, please know that feather2pixel’s official policy is that all titles (including that of the site itself) should be found phrases of interest. Any resemblance to living phrases is purely coincidental.

    If you are referring to my communist-themed humor, I guess I can’t argue.

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