Windmills of the Gods.

Jon At Saw

So the art opening for the 24th Street project isn’t on March 5th anymore.   Actually, I think the art opening for the 24th Street project isn’t happening anymore.   Luckily, aside from feather2pixel’s five loyal readers who were expecting free booze and sandwiches, I anticipate next to nobody will care.   I’ll just have to get the next round for you guys.   If it was my space and I had my way, then there would be an art opening for the 24th Street project.   Every day.   But it is not and that is okay.

Regardless, beginning next week, the art will be open to the public until the end of time.   Or at least for as long as combination locally sourced gourmet sandwich shops/patisseries remain financially solvent in the Mission District.   And hopefully that is a long long time.

In the meantime, you have to check out my Twitter debut!     From the Local Mission Eatery account, this is me in the space, rounding corners of the 360 blank art wall tiles.   I have finally become the modern man I knew I could be.

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