I will be putting a ballot in each of your mailboxes this afternoon.

It used to be that I was witness to a new kind of sport just about each time I was out at Ocean Beach.    By “new sport” I think I mean  things in their garage people found to connect to kites.   You know:   long boards, short boards, card board.

Anyway I still hit up the city beaches on a regular basis, but  a long time’s passed  since I last discovered a new  way that Californians fuck themselves up at the Ocean.   This stirred up wistfulness in my soul that wouldn’t go away.

Until last week:


Yes, that is a chariot and, yes, that horse did freak  out and threaten to rear the shit out of me, Spartacus and anyone else in its way when  an off-leash dog crossed its path  a few  seconds after these pictures were taken.

So  everything is back to normal here and I love it.

Not only that, but last weekend the surf was  crazy enough to kill you if the  cavalry didn’t.   Enough, at  least, for them to call to session the 2010 Mavericks competition .

I didn’t go to watch those surfers at Half Moon Bay, but EB and I checked out the scene at Baker Beach,  where the waves were not as big as I remember, I guess.

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