A very short turnaround on this offer.

The City Web 750x210

Temporary Spaces, my series of screen printed cityscapes on wood from 2008, will be featured this month in what I expect is their last show.   I expect that because I am basically out of them. (You know, if they end up selling at gallery prices.)   I was a little reluctant to give up the final copies that I was saving for my personal collection, but I can’t pass up the opportunity to be in a real group show at a real gallery masquerading as a real artist. So I need to let go of this part of the material world.   I need to convince myself   that at the end of the day, fuck it, Stuff is just taking up space in my life and I need to focus on the purity in art that brings us all together as humans.     Right after I stop at Best Buy to pick up a tripod.

So in the name of fucking at the end of the day, I now present you with the hyperlink.   The opening is this Thursday at 7pm and the show runs through February at 1AM Gallery in South of Market (1000 Howard at Sixth).   Incidentally, 1AM turns out to be quite a cool spot focused stuff like  graffiti art and stenciling classes and they have any color of spray paint you could ever want for sale behind the counter.     I think you know what I mean.     It kind of makes sense.   I’m looking forward to what my fellow chroniclers of the city have to show for themselves:


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